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Services by Ambassador Protection

Hotel Security:
Ambassador Protection Services provides supplemental or outsourced security services to the hotel industry. Some of our clients like the ability to hire extra security to battle temporary increases in incidents. We assist many hotel chains with these type of requests. In addition, some hotels prefer to totally outsource their security staff. We are able to assist hotels with this type of request with qualified professional security officers.

Access Control:
Building lobbies require visitors to be checked before entering their prospective venues. We provide trained security officers to properly identify visitors and authorized guests upon entry to various venues.

Corporate/Shareholder Meetings:
Corporate meetings are set up to provide special training, seminars, annual shareholder meetings, board meetings and sales initiatives. The ability to keep these meetings private is very important and could result in damaging affects on any corporation not capable of properly securing these meetings. Our expertise in this area has made us a very attractive part of major corporate meetings.

Counter-Terrorism Assessments:
Ambassador Protection Services boasts considerable experience and expertise in the field of counter-terrorism. Many of our security experts have served on local and state counter-terrorism task forces and worked for Homeland Security. We are well equipped to assess your vulnerabilities and implement the necessary changes to keep you and your company safe.

Security Assessments (Commercial & Residential):
The ability to have qualified individuals with years of experience, education and training assist with evaluating vulnerabilities that could affect a commercial or residential location is a task that must be left to the experts. Our ability to provide our clients with qualified individuals makes us a leader in this area.

Security Consulting:
We have a wealth of experience providing our clients with discrete security audits and offering recommendations for making our clients' business, home or event safe.

Special Event Security:
Event security can encompass many different levels of services from site evaluation, executive or VIP protection and
electronic device setup (ie. metal detectors.) Ambassador Protection clients enjoy the piece of mind that accompanies the knowledge that we are anticipating and guarding against any eventuality.

Executive Protection:
More than ever, companies are devising ways to protect business travelers in dangerous parts of the world and safeguard corporate assets, intelligence, and reputations. Thefts, kidnappings, and cases of industrial espionage have been gradually
increasing in recent years as law enforcement’s attention has been diverted toward terrorism. According to the Safe
Travel Institute in Spokane, Washington, there have been roughly 20,000 kidnappings for financial gain worldwide
since 2001. And the federal Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive, which assesses intelligence threats
to the United States, recorded more than 2,400 new investigations of suspected industrial espionage against U.S.
companies in a record 108 countries between October 2004 and September 2005.

Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry. Our elite executive protection
professionals (aka "agents") will have specialized training in executive protection, driving, first aid, and marksmanship.

VIP Protection:
Celebrities can be the target of the paparazzi or overzealous fans an have the right to feel secure wherever their travels may take them. Ambassador Protection specialists work with celebrities and their team to make sure a venue, visit, event, etc. are as safe as possible.

Dignitary Protection Services:
This type of protection usually applies to current and former political figures, immediate family members and religious leaders not defined or declared eligible by the United States Secret Service, State Department Diplomatic Security or NYPD (or any municipality's) Intelligence Division Protection teams.

In these cases Ambassador's Executive Protection and Dignitary Protection agents have had extensive training and experience. Our Executive Protection Specialist (EPS) or the Close Personal Protection (CPP) experts abide by the laws in whatever jurisdictions they are deployed. They are associated with a company so that licensing requirements, firearms requirements, insurance requirements and training requirements are all implemented. This results in less liability for the client.

Metal Detectors (Manned or Contracted Lease):
Screening machines offer a proactive approach to detecting suspicious materials on a visitor. Ambassador will provide machines along with experienced operators to accommodate your security needs. Alternatively we offer metal detectors for use at your event/location under the supervision of your team.

Guard/Patrol Services:
Ambassador Protection Services will fit your company with uniformed officers to patrol plants, facilities or offices to prevent unauthorized entries.

Licensed Fire Guards:
The City of New York requires licensed fire guards to operate in hotels, buildings without sprinklers or alarm services
that are under new construction or during building renovations. Ambassador can furnish you with individuals licensed
to meet your needs.

Gated Communities:
Access control officers are a deterrent to theft and residential break ins. Ambassador offers placement of booths and personnel who serve as the first line of defense against those looking to engage in unlawful behavior.

Shopping Malls:
Ambassador offers staffing resources for shopping malls and big box retailers to patrol parking lots and internal shopping facilities to assist with theft prevention, emergency situations, and crowd control.

Access control officers from Ambassador Protection Services stand ready to staff hospital areas, parking lots and aid in times of unforeseen disaster.

Residential Properties - Home/Vacation Watch:
A service that has become more common within the industry is to provide home security or vacation watch when properties are vacant. Ambassador can provide families with full-time or intermittent staffing on location or via remote surveillance to give families security and comfort when they are away from their property.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures:
Technical Surveillance Counter measures will help to determine if your office has any illegal listening devices covertly placed in or around your offices. Anyone engaging in this type of activity is in violation of federal law; Ambassador can help you identify breeches and remediate them.

Investigative Services:
Financial and lifestyle inquiries, give important snapshots of individuals who are part of or being considered for employment within an organization. Background investigations, pre-employment inquiries, incident or complaint investigations, undercover investigations, surveillance, audio/video recordings, witness interviews, interviews of key persons are all important services that need to be performed in a professional manner by experienced investigators. We have extensive experience in such investigations, and stand ready to perform them discretely and expeditiously.

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